GardenSavvy provides transformations through smart design, appropriate planting, and use-oriented thinking. Get a garden expert.

We always begin with a free consultation.

  • Four seasons of pleasure with smart plant choices and pairings
  • Front and back yard makeovers: design and full installation
  • Renovations to find your garden style, from cottage to minimalist
  • Low-maintenance lawn alternatives, eco-lawn, groundcover solutions
  • Get D.I.Y. coaching: planning, organizing, demonstration: using my
    know-how and your muscles!
  • Resolve problem areas: shade, roots, utility areas, unsightly views
  • Explore organic solutions and native plant choices
  • Expert pruning: full service or teaching: easier than you think!
  • Paths and patios: are they working for you? Time to re-think?

Eat Local! Add vegetables to your garden
Rediscover the beauty and the taste of freshness. Integrate edibles into existing plantings; make a new vegetable patch; grow in containers.

Garden design and installation

From containers on a deck to extensive grounds, GardenSavvy can design and install a garden that will work for you! The starting point is always with your needs. GardenSavvy works closely with clients to find the solutions that suit them, their lives and their style. If you are thinking about a new front or back yard, call for a free consultation to assess your site, explore its possibilities and the range of costs.  We have a team of specialists, including an experienced mason, who bring their diverse skills together to create beautifull, sustainable and functional gardens. A garden can transform the way you feel about where you live; let GardenSavvy help you find your greener home.

Yard and garden makeovers

GardenSavvy does large or small garden renovations. Sometimes a few targeted interventions are all that is required to restore an existing  garden to a more functional and more enjoyable life. We want you to get more pleasure from your garden. Whether you are new to your yard and want to be inspired with various options for making it feel like home, or whether you have grown tired of a yard that is ripe for some change, small or large, we can help make it happen.

Hire a Head Gardener

One side of our business is to provide the skills of a head gardener to downtown homeowners. Working with clients over a period of years to keep their yards looking up-to-date, to manage the size and shape of trees and shrubs, to renew perennials, and suggest new introductions, is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. Gardens are always evolving, since plants grow and age, just as the users’ needs and interests change over time.  The service works at a flat rate per hour with materials extra, making it easy to keep an eye on costs. Some years a garden will require very little, sometimes big changes are on the books. Just like head gardeners on an estate, we work closely with clients, sometimes side by side in the garden, give advice, information, and make suggestions, managing the annual tasks in the appropriate season.

Property staging

When your home needs to look its best, GardenSavvy can provide the garden grooming and the extra wow factor that make the right impression from the curb to the front door and around the back. Whatever your occassion, GardenSavvy understands that looking good at the crucial time can be very important.

Planning to sell your house? It has been estimated that a beautiful garden can add as much value to a property as a new bathroom. This may even be an underestimation of the importance of a garden, since the garden sets the stage for the buyers’ emotional response to a house. A tired-looking, neglected garden, especially in the front, will undermine the viewer’s confidence in the value of the propery, suggesting that it too has been badly maintained. If you are thinking ahead about selling in the next year or two, now is the ideal time to make changes, giving plants a chance to settle in and grow into the space and have an impact. And why not enjoy the beauty of a newly renovated garden yourself, before the stress of your move? Right before a sale, we can do an intesive clearing, add feature plantings and make stunning containers, whatever the season, to set the right tone to showcase your home.

Garden assessments: full spruce-up (pruning, edging, mulching), with a suggested renovation plan: starting at $350. The plan will be tailored to your budget and focused on any problem areas (overgrown shrubs, looming trees, misshapen borders, patchy tired lawn, and often a general lack of focus and style). The addition of a feature tree can give distinction to a garden and help to define its character. Cost depends on the size (and rarity) of the specimen, but beginning for as little as $300 (complete with installation), this is a great way to add impact. We can give you a cost estimate for various options suited to the specific site and budget.


Making decisions about what to plant can be very confusing. GardenSavvy provides consulting to help you make the right choices for your garden. From choosing a new city tree in front of your house to finding the right trees, shrubs and perennials to add to your garden, GardenSavvy’s expertise can work for you. Complete service includes purchasing, soil amendment, and installation.

Expert problem solving

Every garden has areas that are less successful. Whether because of shade, roots, damp, scorching heat, an overbearing tree or shrub, or often some combination of these difficulties, some spots seem destined to look unhappy.  Utility areas may be unsightly or impractical. Finding solutions for common problems like these may involve some hardscaping changes, but often can also be tackled with more inexpensive adjustments like soil amendment, appropriate plant choices, and judicious pruning. Let GardenSavvy help you find the answers:  Sometimes a problem can become an opportunity!

D.I.Y. coaching for gardeners at all levels

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