Not-so basic watering

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How should I water? This is the most common question I’m asked about gardening. The expectation generally is that there is an answer. And that the answer is something like: 14.

But watering is very complicated if the goal is to provide every plant with the optimum amount of water.
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Late October abandon

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By late October there is nothing more to orchestrate and everything can be left to sprawl and bloom with abandon. The hard-working sedum “Autumn Joy” comes into its own and the blues of the late asters take over from the yellow and orange harmonies of September.   … Read More

Choosing plants

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When choosing plants for the garden, I can’t recommend browsing garden books or magazines enough. You can’t imagine something you have never seen. I have an extensive collection of books and magazines that I’m happy to lend to d.i.y.ers. I’ve always found it helpful to look through images together with my clients. It helps me to understand … Continue reading “Choosing plants”