vegetable pleasures

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One of the surprises of vegetable gardening is the sheer aesthetic delight to be found in the way vegetables and herbs look as they grow. This spring the red kohlrabi has been especially pleasing. The perkiness of the leaves, the way rainwater pearls in them, the combination of the purple veins and stems with the glaucous … Continue reading “vegetable pleasures”

Zucchini in bloom

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Our zucchini is blooming and setting fruit! This is one of the most fun times in the vegetable garden, when you can begin to see how the fruit will appear. Zucchini is particularly gratifying because the display of zucchinis in the grocery store gives so little away about how they grow. The plant itself is … Continue reading “Zucchini in bloom”

Choosing plants

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When choosing plants for the garden, I can’t recommend browsing garden books or magazines enough. You can’t imagine something you have never seen. I have an extensive collection of books and magazines that I’m happy to lend to d.i.y.ers. I’ve always found it helpful to look through images together with my clients. It helps me to understand … Continue reading “Choosing plants”